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GREENWAY eco-brands

Nine product lines for environmentally conscious and health-conscious people

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New cleaning technology without chemicals

A series of high-tech microfiber towels for body care and all types of cleansing.

Innovative cleaning systems

Convenient housekeeping aids – simply ensure fast and high-quality results and perfect cleanliness.

Gentle care

Detergents, cleaners and stain removers



Natural aromatic oils for various purposes

The vitality of plants is stored in every drop of oil – natural aroma oil gives you health, beauty and peace of mind.

Selection of soluble berry drinks

A series of berry drinks with the “Trimarin" complex. Six fresh and pleasurable tastes – a balanced combination to encourage strength and optimism.

Gourmet tea drink collection

The unique varieties of aromatic tea are created according to original recipes, so that each sip will enchant you with a delicate bouquet of natural herbs and berries.

Powder cosmetics and nourishing creams.

Natural phytomineral complex for skin and hair care provides gentle care and rejuvenating effect.

Natural cosmetics

Achieving brilliant results in life is so easy with the Foet Lip Gloss Collection!

Functional food

Balancing your diet is so easy when a Balancer comes into your life.

Biologically active food additives

They have a restorative and tonic effect on the body, help to strengthen immunity, increase physical and mental performance.

Genetic testing
for at home use

One-time activation kit